lundi 10 août 2009

Dossier of a baby tanguera

*Désolée pour mes lecteurs français, exceptionnellement ce billet n'est pas traduit*

This is a little game that some in the blogher community have been playing. So if you are nice enough to pretend you're interested in me, keep reading. Otherwise, I kinda understand you have better things to do with your life....

You can also fill in the questionnaire yourself in the comments. You'll find explanations here and Tina Tango did her own too.

Steph (for most people)
Raphaël's sister (for anyone who dances tango)
Zazagabor (on
Professor (for those poor students who have been taught to confuse respect and ranking. No matter how many times you tell them to use your first name, some can't do it)

Looking Glass Powers:
The ability to laugh loud and clear
The ability to synthesize huge amounts of information and create half-ass theories on the fly
The ability to give others ideas on what to do with their life
The ability to see the bigger pictures while recklessly overlooking the details

Dress-up Closet: (signature items in my wardrobe)
White and red wrap dress, Vietnamese silk dresses (Ao Dai), Chinese silk Kimonos used as coats (if I could remember when I get out), yoga and running gear, more tango shoes than I can use in one night.

Red slutty tango dress and silver CiF. Black track suit with T-shirt

Go-To Gadget:
Pink camera-phone, ancient iPod, USB keys, Anis de Flavigny

White wine and anything with cachaça or rum or tequila.

Magic Potion:
Earl Grey with soy milk

Battery Recharge Hub:
Tracey's Asanara yoga class on Mondays at Ra'da. Studio Tango milongas.

Bratty Spoilers:
Watching Bolt with my son, and Pho

Owner's Manual: (What defines you in print, what illuminates you)
Anything by Maya Angelou. Belle du Seigneur by Cohen.

Weapon: (What is your tool, your device, your method)
Wit that goes straight for the balls! Natural defiance of social order. Optimism and energy.

Nemesis: (What are you up against, what challenges you)
People who hurt kids. Bikers on sidewalks. When my son blurts out clichés he heard in school. Beginner tango dancers who ask for "steps" or don't dare dancing during milongas. Tango snobs. My balance and my axis. Procrastination. Passive-agressiveness.

Secret Ambitions: (What would your six- year-old self say you should grow up to be)
Doing anything I feel like without thinking twice about it, staying fearless.

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